How to use 
Study Protocol 

Installation of the tube:

1.     Clean the device prior to use.

2.     Check the balloon function in advance.

3.     Introduce the device through the anus using a lubricant. Please keep the check valve in front.

4.     Fill a 20 cc syringe with tap water or air. Introduce the syringe into the valve and inflate reasonable amount that keeps the balloon in place. Yet, it should not cause any discomfort. .The amount varies in different persons according to age, body weight… etc.

5.     For first time users, please keep the balloon for 2 hours, then remove.

6.     Gradually, increase the time, the device remains in the rectum, one hour every day till you reach 12 hours.

7.     Do not use the device at night without medical advice.

Remove the tube:

1.      Before removal, be sure that you are in a comfortable environment; soiling may occur.

2.   Deflate the balloon completely, using a 20 cc syringe. Take the device out smoothly.


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